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Timothy Brown - The Berlin Patient

Two paths to a
have been uncovered

amfAR grantee, Dr. Deborah Persaud

  • Timothy Brown, also known as "The Berlin Patient," was cured of HIV as a result of receiving a stem-cell transplant from a donor with a rare, HIV-resistant genetic mutation.
  • A child in Mississippi has been cured of HIV after being put on antiretroviral therapy shortly after her birth, which successfully eradicated the disease from her body.

Every day ALMOST 6,300 people contract HIV—nearly 262 every hour.

Unlike many traditional funders, amfAR invests vital seed money to support promising but untested ideas.

But the number of promising research projects we receive far outpaces the resources we have to support them.

Don’t let the next great idea to cure HIV/AIDS go unfunded.

Because of “The Berlin Patient” and the child in Mississippi, we know a cure is possible. Please help us ensure that no worthy project is left on the shelf.